Wisdom for Today

Which I did not command nor did it come into My heart”

Jeremiah 7:31

You have heard it said that if the Bible does not expressly forbid something, it is permissible. I wonder how many homeowners or parents would feel comfortably with this rule in their home? Imagine a guest coming into your home who suddenly decides to take it upon themselves to rearrange your furniture and wall decor, “But you didn’t say not to?!” Imagine one of your children suddenly decided to take it upon themselves to invite their entire school grade over to the house for a Friday night gathering, “But you didn’t say not to?!” Obviously we want our guests and children to be comfortable in our homes, and we do not expect to dictate and micro-manage every single detail of their actions. If we say to our guest, “Come in,” our guest will naturally assume that their clothing and shoes are permissible, unless you should say for example, “Could you please take your shoes off?” If we tell our children, “Clean your room,” our children will naturally assume they are free to arrange their rooms in some progressive fashion that works for them. In such cases, their freedom to do as they wish unless expressly forbidden is “piggy-backed” on expressly authorized grounds. That the world of professing Christendom has neglected these logical ground rules is manifest by some 30,000 + denominations and sects with differing doctrines, names, practices of worship, and radically different lifestyles. Some see these differences existing on a very trivial and non-controversial scale, but remember what happened to Israel who eventually were found burning their sons and daughters in the fire, which the Lord said, “I did not command, nor did it come into my heart.” Christendom does not have to get to the point of burning their own children to false gods to be found guilty of transgression, but how long until it does those things that are so radical they nearly stand parallel to the sacrifice of children?

Wisdom for Today says: “Everything you do or say should be done to obey Jesus your Lord” (Colossians 3:17, NCV). First, find out those things that are pleasing to the Lord, then exercise your God-given freedom and creativity (Eph. 5:10). Are your works pleasing to the Lord?