Wisdom for Today

For no word from God shall be void of power.

(Luke 1:37, ASV 1901)

It seems evident that many do not give attention to the character and power of God when considering their Bibles. The Bible either contains the direct revelation of God’s mind, thoughts, and words, perfectly, or it doesn’t contain His word at all. For if the God that the Bible repeatedly makes known to us over and over again gave inspiration and life to the words we read, then it stands in complete contradiction to His Almighty power if He should speak a word and later it should be consumed and corrupted by the works of man throughout time. This is not meant to provide proof that the Bible is the word of God. It is only meant to demonstrate that one cannot “have his cake and eat it too.” If it seems unfathomable to you that the Bible should be written by human wisdom, then you must be willing to accept the whole of the Bible’s divine truth from beginning to end on the simple and yet profound enclosure of God’s Almighty and all powerful energy protecting and shielding His everlasting word from any impurities or defilement.

Wisdom for Today says: The Word of God is living and powerful and it shall not return void. It shall not grow corrupt. Read your Bible with confidence. Know that it is the word of God.