You Will Keep Me In Perfect Peace

Scripture Readings: Isa. 21:1-26:19; Mark 14:17-25; Psalm 87

What troubles you today? Busy work load that needs to be finished by the end of the week? Unruly children in the home that you can’t seem to make listen? A sick father in his elderly years who needs to make yet another visit to the hospital again to find out what is happening? Politics? Church? Marital issues? Is there something shaking you up? Something that has you constantly worried?

The prophet Isaiah told people in his time that there would be many troubles. “Behold the Lord makes the earth empty and makes it waste, distorts its surface and scatters abroad its inhabitants” (24:1). But he also was constantly reminding them of the deliverance that is in the Lord, “And it will be said in that day: ‘Behold, this is our God; We have waited for Him, and He will save us‘” (25:9). The skeptic may look at this and say, “That is some God you have there. He messes things up, and then puts them back in order again. You call that deliverance?” But they are as Isaiah says, “The city of confusion…” (24:10).

The unbelievers do not understand that this world is a testing ground. It is not our home. The unbelievers do not understand the growth that occurs through testing, and the joy that is found in God’s salvation. The unbelievers do not understand that there is a way to maintain peace and find comfort through the tribulation. “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You” (26:3).

Wisdom for today says: Do not worry about your life. Trust in God. Keep your mind stayed on Him. Wait for Him. Be glad. Rejoice in His salvation.


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