Furnished & Ready

Scripture Readings: Isaiah 16-20; Mark 14:10-16; Psalm 85

God’s way is furnished and ready. There is no need on the grand scale of things to innovate, engineer, or insert human design into God’s plan. Jesus told His disciples to go into the city, meet the man carrying the pitcher of water, follow him, and wherever he goes, say to that master of the house, “Where is the guest room in which I may eat the Passover with My disciples?” Jesus assured them that they ¬†would be shown a large upper room, listen to it, “furnished and ready” (ASV 1901). And so they found it, just as Jesus had said. When we search the Scriptures like those apostles who searched the city, we too find all things furnished and ready. The plan of salvation, the form of worship, the organization of the church, manner of life, guidelines for marriage, the rewards of heaven, etc., just to name a few. There are some things left optional to us just as there were for the apostles, “there make ready for us,” said Jesus, and so they “prepared the Passover,” but these were on the minute scale of things one might say. The major work had already been done.

Wisdom today would say, “Look for the things God has made furnished and ready.” There is no need to innovate or construct it yourself. In fact, to lay a foundation where God has already laid is to rebel against the wisdom and plan of God. “For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” Upon that foundation, and that foundation alone, may we then begin to build and construct as we are best able. Even then we must take care in our liberties not to give offense to any man or woman, or do anything that might place us in a situation that would easily give way to temptation and sin. God cares for you and He loves you. He has made ready the way. Search for it. Walk in it. Thank God for it every day.


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