What Jesus Can Do In One Moment

May 31, 2017: Morning: Mark 5:25-43; Noon: 1 Chr. 24:20-27:34; Evening: Psa. 87

Mark’s account of the woman with a flow of blood, descriptive in our time of a hemorrhage of some sort, is probably the most interesting of all three. Matthew only mentions the woman’s flow of blood for twelve years. Luke does mention that she had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any. But Mark says these words, “[she] had suffered many things from many physicians. She had spent all that she had and was no better, but rather grew worse.” Mark likes to emphasize the power and strength of our Lord, and that He could stop what other healers could not, what other healers had made worse, is another great testimony to His divine power.

But these words sink still deeper into us than solely the testimony to Jesus’ power. They remind us of the world’s failure and incapability to meet our every need, whether it be our physical health or even things of an emotional or spiritual nature. The world might be able to help set chemical imbalances in the brain on more level terms, but that still won’t be enough to give us happiness and joy, and in some cases the drugs might make it worse. A quick glance at the side effects of Prozac, a popular antidepressant, revealed at least 17 different side effects, and that’s only the beginning. WebMD listed over 50, including common, infrequent, and rare side effects. In the religious world, I have also watched and observed individuals bounce from one spiritual philosophy to the next, only to grow more confused and distraught from their endeavor to find something that satisfies.

With one touch and in one moment, Jesus did what many people and what many years spent could not. “But isn’t the miraculous age gone?” By biblical terms, yes, but by modern terms, no. In modern terms, people typically use “miracle” to describe something highly improbable that brings about welcome surprises. Jesus did that for people in the first century, even after His ascent, on numerous occasions. He heals the brokenhearted. He breaks free the addicted. He counsels the unknowledgeable. He provides peace for the overburdened and distraught. He does this through the power of His gospel, and His sovereign hand that reigns and rules over the nations of men. He answers prayers and provides favorable circumstances to His faithful. He provides teachings and answers in His word and gives guidance for our next steps. This he can do in but one moment. I know He can, because I’ve opened the Bible with people who were dealing with issues for so many years, and in one moment their questions were answered. It truly is amazing to watch Jesus in action yet today.

Only one main difference that matters truly exists between us and the woman. We don’t have to wait for things to just get worse before we meet Jesus. We can meet Him now by converting our lives to Him. In one moment Jesus can do what no one else can.


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