May 26, 2017: The Light of the Kingdom & Its Gospel

Morning: Mark 4:21-29; Noon: 1 Chr. 9:28-12:40; Evening: Psa. 84

The church of Christ and its message is meant to be seen. Churches of Christ and the gospel which it proclaims is not meant to become an archaeological site discovered a thousand years from now where someone says, “Look, there was a congregation of our Lord here once! The gospel message once presided here. None of the residents in this community seemed to have known about it. No one in writing ever spoke of its teaching. What was it doing here all this time?!”

In the midst of Jesus’ kingdom parables, Mark and Luke both record Jesus parable about the lamp. You just read it. What do you think about it? What is Jesus’ message to the disciples? What is His message to us? Surely the lamp is a figure of the word of His kingdom, its visibility that manifests through its work, its message, its influence, and its spread. Jesus says, “Take heed what you hearwhoever has, to him more will be given.” The more we hear it, the more we understand it, the more we will be responsible to it.

If you’ve heard Jesus’ account of the end times, you remember His parable about the three servants who received money. Some received more, some less. Those who received more, naturally, did and made more. Those who received less, naturally, did and made less. In any case, all were expected to make gain with what they had received. The one who made no gain was cast into outer darkness.

Hide it under a bushel? No! I’m gona’ let it shine!


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