May 16, 2017: The Father Swap

Morning: Mark 1:16-28Noon: 2 Kin. 15:23-18:16; Evening: Psa. 78:35-50

Have you ever seen that show, “The Wife Swap”? Families exchange wives from one home to the other for a period of a week or so. In most cases, children and husbands do not like the idea of giving up their wives and moms for another, and after they’ve returned again they are usually most grateful that they are back!  As for the wives and mothers who experienced life in another home, these also usually return more grateful to be back and are enlightened by their journey.

James and John seemed to have experienced something of the same. Scripture says that when Jesus called them to follow Him and become fishers of men, immediately they left their father in the boat and went after Jesus. James and John did the father swap! They sought the heavenly Father in exchange for the earthly father. What will a man give an exchange for their soul? James and John wouldn’t give their soul to stay in a boat with Dad, that is for sure. Such an exchange could not have been easy. Mark points out that there were also hired servants present. This wasn’t weekend fun with Dad, this was work. This was the son’s income and their fathers. The father just lost two of his closest and best employees. Nevertheless, they made the exchange, and unlike the wife swap, they never sought return. They held to the heavenly Father, and the heavenly Father held to them.

Scripture doesn’t really embellish, but it does leave us with facts. We examine and think about situations like these in the Scriptures, and consider the many difficult complexities, emotions, and frustrations that could inject themselves in our own time. Some sons and daughters have been completely ostracized and cut off from a relationship with their fathers, because they chose Jesus. They forsook the Sunday morning trips on the lake to go to church and worship with saints. They put down the evening drink with Dad, to lift up their hands in prayer to the heavenly Father. They forsook their fathers disdain and skepticism of the “religious institutions,” and through the very real and present corruption, discovered the true and authentic church of Christ.

Will you commit to the father swap like James and John? John himself said, “Do not love the world  or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world the love of the Father is not in him” (1 John 2:15).  



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