April 6, 2017: Behold, Your King, Sitting on a Donkey!

Morning: Matthew 20:29-21:11; Noon: Judg. 18-21; Evening: Psa. 59

“Tonight, I want to talk to you about humility, and how I achieved it!” That was always one of my favorite lines from a preacher I once knew. Most of us know arrogance when we see it. It doesn’t creep into our hemisphere, but rather it tends to overshadow our heads like a dark cloud on a bright and sunny day. So too may it be said of humility. Most of us know humility when we see it. It comes to us like the still small voice that came to Elijah. It calls us out of our place of hiding, and gives us comfort and courage to stand and approach the object of humbleness.

Jesus is strong and very bold, but He is also meek and very humble. The two blind men who sat along the road called out to Him as they heard Him pass by, “Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David… Have mercy on us…!” (Matt. 20:29-33). Jesus’ meekness and compassion could reach out to them, and open their eyes to see. As Jesus drew near to Jerusalem a donkey was prepared for Him, so that He might enter the city, “Lowly, and sitting on a donkey,” as the prophets declared (21:1-11). Jesus did not enter the city with His Revelation attire, eyes like a flame of fire, many crowns upon His head, a robe dipped in blood, and a sword in His mouth. He could have. Just imagine the sight! Imagine the impression made! Still, He chose humility on this occasion.

There may be times in our life where the occasion seems to warrant a strong hand. Of all occasions, I guess I would say, Jesus last entry into Jerusalem seemed to warrant it most of all. Nevertheless, the wisdom of my Savior far outweighs my own. It should give me caution at the very least then to consider the use of my own strong hand. Mercy, compassion, and humility should always buffer the end of my sword first and foremost, before I am led to unsheathe the edge of my blade. In nearly most situations, with the exception of a few, humility and submissiveness would seem to be the wiser and more noble choice of the two. Offenses will come. Provocations will be had. Aggravations will spring forth. Choose peace and humility, as much as it depends on you. Perhaps through your own meekness and compassion you will open the eyes of someone and give them sight into the word of Truth. Perhaps you will bring a stubborn and rebellious Jerusalem of your own to repentance.

“Mercy triumphs over judgment” ~ [James 2:13]


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