February 17, 2017: Wanted: A Man with Great Faith

Morning: Matthew 8:5-17; Noon: Leviticus 10:8-15:33; Evening: Psalm 32

Jason Derek Brown, Robert William Fisher, Eduardo Ravelo, William Bradford Bishop, Jr., and the list goes on. Search the FBI’s most wanted list and you will never fall short in discovering a number of faces of those who are diligently sought after. Some of their crimes include murder, theft, arson, conspiracy, etc. Finding these men offers a hefty cash reward, but discovering them may prove to be very difficult as some have been on the run for almost forty years!

Finding men who are guilty of great transgression such as these may prove to be very difficult, but what is even more difficult is finding men who are guilty of great faith. “Why, you need only look within the membership of the Lord’s church” some would say! I’m not sure it is that easy actually. Indeed, if they are to be found that is where they are, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are still easy to find. Some within the church are weak in faith. Some are unfaithful. Some are deceivers. Some are very skeptical. When Jesus entered Capernaum and heard of the centurion’s sick son, He agreed to heal his son. The centurion soon sent word to “only speak a word,” and not bother to come into his house. When Jesus heard it He said, “I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel.”

The point is not to discredit or cast disparaging remarks against the Lord’s assembly. Israel was obviously a fleshly nation with a membership cast by birth, before even knowing to choose good or evil. In contrast to the church, one cannot even become a member unless they have demonstrated a measure of faith. Still, Israel was a religious community much like the church, and within that community Jesus was seeking a great faith and what a great difficulty it proved to be! Like most great things in life, a great faith doesn’t happen by accident, and it is not hard to see when it exists. This great faith shows itself in doing great deeds and making great commitments that might otherwise appear to others like that of an Evel Knievel… Crazy! It will never work! Big fail! Perhaps what is crazier is a small faith in a great Lord?

What kind of faith does Jesus find in you?


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