February 15, 2017: Concluding the Sermon on the Mount – Part II

Morning: Matthew 7:21-27; Noon: Leviticus 1:1-7:10; Evening: Psalm 31:1-9

Doing the will of the Lord both in truth and spirit is key to entering God’s kingdom. There is simply no other way into the house of the Lord where one shall dwell eternally in bliss. Jesus’ message on the mount further concludes with a stern warning that those who merely profess the name of the Lord are not worthy of entrance. Even those who perform miraculous deeds in His name remain unworthy. Why? Because truth and spirit are inseparable requirements that must walk side by side consistently on level ground. God knows the heart. Those who do their charitable deeds just to be seen by men are not rewarded. Those who keep the law publicly, but disregard the law privately, are fruitless workers of the kingdom.

Some have noted the seeming sincerity of those who say to Jesus in that day, “Lord, Lord,” but what does that imply? Does that imply that these ones live wholeheartedly before the Lord all the days of their life? No one will dispute their sincere plea to enter the kingdom, but concerning their lives, Jesus has already painted a detailed picture for us of these ones who live according to the flesh. They twist and neglect the sum of the law in order to please the flesh. They pray on the street corners to be seen by men. They do not forgive others of their trespass, and they only do good to others when it is in their self-interest. There is no dispute that in that day they will sincerely plea as the virgins did when the door was shut, “Lord, Lord, open to us!,” but until that day their works are dead and the treasure of their heart is for the things of this world.

I consistently try to remind myself and others that hell is not an accident, it is a choice. Jesus’ message ends with two builders. One builder hears Jesus’ sayings and does them. His building stands when the storms come. The other builder hears’ Jesus sayings and does not do them. His building falls when the storms come. Both hear, but both do not heed. Paul likewise says that the gospel sound “has gone out to all the earth” (Romans 10:18). Everyone hears, but not all build on the rock. Hell is, therefore, a choice.

Build on the rock of Jesus’ word. Choose heaven.


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