February 10, 2017: God & Money

Morning: Matthew 6:19-7:6; Noon: Exodus 35:1-37:24; Evening: Psalm 28

The Pharisees, who were lovers of money,” were intensely focused on worldly concerns while wearing a cloak of religiousness to veil the secrets of their heart. They despised the Roman tax. They skirted the law to avoid helping their parents. They gave out of their abundance rather than suffering any real financial loss for the kingdom. They laid up for themselves treasures where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal. They built barns then they built them greater, and when called to surrender all they walked away. All this they did in the name of God. This they did in service to God!

Why is it that some spiritual people just can’t be real about where their heart and faith really lies? If your faith is weak and your heart covets the things of this world, why not just confess where you stand? Jesus says you can’t serve two masters anyway, your heart can only lie in one place, and the eye essentially can only view one thing at a time. From this I gather that the heart, mind, and soul are one directional. A person can only commit his or herself one way. They cannot go two or more ways at the same time. The path of life is like the passing through of the Red Sea. Walls stand to the right and left. Either you must turn your face toward Moses, or turn your face toward Pharaoh. Stand in the middle, and the waters will eventually fall and crush you.

Jesus wants you to turn your face and walk with Him. “Do not worry about your life,” He says. You will suffer financial loss in helping to build up His kingdom. You will donate clothing, appliances, toys, food, tools, school supplies. You will leave homes with everything behind. You will lodge and feed strangers with nothing given in return. You will give to those who you never see again. You will toss in your last from time to time, and you will not always have a “Plan B” to fall back on. “Is not life more than?” Jesus says. Be very careful about how you rationalize the material with the spiritual. They are not equally yoked. One is thrown in the oven tomorrow, and the other is eternal. One is given greater importance, the other lesser. One warrants great concern, the other very little.

You cannot serve God and money


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