February 1, 2017: Fishers of Men

Morning: Matthew 4:18-25; Noon: Exodus 13:1-15:19; Evening: Psalm 22:1-13

One of my favorite hobbies in life is fishing. Few things excite me as much as the sudden tug on a line that was recently cast into the waters, the fight that is now about to ensue, and the mystery that will soon be revealed if indeed I can prove myself to be a successful fisherman! But as much as I love fishing, it really is nothing more than a hobby for me. In fact, when I had bought my fishing license for 2016 early on in the year, I had so many projects that suddenly needed attention that I didn’t get out to the waters until six months later. Even then I was only able to get out a handful of times!

For these four disciples whom Jesus called, however, fishing was not just hobby. Fishing was a way of life for them. Fishing was their life. It was their career. Though it may appear on the surface through Matthew’s account that these four disciples had all but forsook their trade at the drop of a hat, John’s account reveals a previous transactions between Jesus, Andrew, Peter, and likely John with James to follow soon after (See John 1:35-42). Luke also records a more detailed account of the occurrence in Matthew’s account, and reveals Simon already identifying Jesus as “Master” (See Luke 5:1-11, esp. v.5). Thus, the most probable explanation is that having identified and acknowledged Jesus as Messiah, they then went back to work to catch fish. Little did they know that the Messiah would demand much more of them, and that their trade was about to transform into something much grander, fishing for men!

When you and I walk with Jesus, we too must experience a similar transformation in our trade. No longer do we sell health insurance, now we sell soul insurance! No longer do we rear infants into physical maturity, now we rear infants into spiritual maturity! No longer do we guard the Nation of America, now we guard the Nation of Christ! No longer do we drill for oil in the Gulf, now we drill for salvation in the spirits of men! No longer do we perform surgery on the heart, now we perform surgery on the soul! No longer do we serve men and women in the office, now we serve Christ in the heavens!

How has Jesus transformed your trade in life?


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