January 30, 2017: Does the Devil Spend More Time in Scripture Than You?

Morning: Matthew 4:1-7; Noon: Exodus 5:22-8:32; Evening: Psalm 20

Spiritual anorexia is a plague that sweeps the globe. The people eat, but they are still hungry. They are hungry for the word of God. Yet, they do not eat. They do not feast upon the Holy Scriptures. They are like Martha, busying themselves with everything under the sun, except for the bread of God’s word. They stop to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but thirty minutes with spiritual food, even just one meal, is too much!

Ironically, Satan, the very enemy and plague of every Christian may easily be spending thirty minutes or more in Scripture every day! When the devil took Jesus up to Jerusalem and placed him on the highest point of the temple, he brought to Jesus remembrance Psalm 91. Like so many Psalms, this specific song of David has Messianic tones and promises that are true both for the adopted children and the only Begotten of God. Twice the devil could quote from the Psalm. From the very midst of the Psalm he could draw out its words and message, though he would filter them of course through his deceptive and twisted manipulation.

Is the devil spending more time in Scripture than you? His ability to dispense the Scriptures may even put the Lord’s people to shame! Granted, he has had far more time than you or I will ever have on earth to meditate on Scripture. But that is no excuse or reason to neglect time in the Scriptures. Jesus reminds us that man shall not live by bread alone, but by ever word that proceeds from the mouth of God. God’s word is our daily bread. If we do not eat spiritual food, we will eventually suffer spiritual anorexia and die. Make time for spiritual food. Get yourself in a habit, and do not settle for distractions. Our reading plan is designed to help get you on a healthy diet of God’s word, five days a week, morning, noon, and evening. Perhaps you will find it convenient to pick up the Book after a meal. Maybe you will not find any time convenient. Getting to heaven is not always convenient, but getting there is worth any inconvenience.

God bless you in your reading of Scripture.


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