January 20, 2017: God Will Surely Visit You

Morning: Genesis 48-50; Noon: Romans 7:7-12; Evening: Psalm 17

The end of the beginning. What an awesome division to be made and found in the writings of Moses. Though divided up by men in later times into five separate books, there is clearly a closing of events and conclusion in perspective before entering in to Exodus chapter one. We have witnessed the beginning of creation, the beginning of the nations, and the beginning of the Hebrew family, called to carry the Blessed Seed promise until the day of His arrival. It is fitting that the beginning should end with Joseph, a type of Christ, who provides a place of refuge for God’s people, comforting them, and promising them of God’s most certain visitation in the time to come.

As we walk with Jesus and look to Him, He is the antitype, i.e. the true, perfect, and complete fulfilment of providing a refuge and comfort to God’s people. His refuge is eternal. His comfort is everlasting. When we make our home in the Beulah land of Jesus, we immediately become beneficiaries of the promise, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age” (Mat. 28:20).  Unlike Joseph, Jesus can and does preserve His place of refuge even through the rising of wicked Pharaohs, and other powerful evil forces. Through the rising and falling of kingdoms and religious movements, the church of Christ still stands and men and women continue to enter in. In a figurative sense, while Jesus lives on through the hearts and minds of men and women, the church is carrying the incorruptible bones of Jesus into the Promised Land as Israel did Joseph!

The greatest promise we have as Christians though is that one similar to Joseph’s words, “God will surely visit you.” The Blessed God and Savior, Jesus Christ, says, “I will come again and receive you to Myself” (John 14:3). How long will it be? We do not know. Israel waited over four hundred years. For Christians, it could be four thousand years. The day and hour is unknown (Mat. 24:36). Yet, you can be assured He will visit you. Are you an evil servant committing wickedness while the Master is away? Or are you a faithful servant whom He will find so doing as one ought when He comes?

O’ Lord, let my house be ready in the day of Jesus visitation, for I know He will surely come!


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