January 18, 2017: A Second Chance to Sin?

Morning: Genesis 41-43; Romans 6:1-14; Evening: Psalm 15

Mother of teenage daughter just shy of her eighteenth birthday, killed by drunk driver two days ago. A family of seven returning from their trip to Mexico killed by drunk driver driving the wrong way on the interstate ten hours ago. Two weeks ago, family mourns the loss of father killed by drunk driver. Which one of these drunk drivers would you say can repay the loss suffered by any one of these families? What deed could they do that might satisfy their desire for retribution? Nothing of course, but legal action would still be taken at the very least that others might think twice about getting behind the wheel under the influence. Furthermore, while there is nothing any one of these drunk drivers could do to earn their place back into society, it is possible that mercy might be extended to them and provide their release. Would this grant them permission to get behind the wheel under the influence and kill another family? Absolutely not! Rather, it would grant them permission to give life a second try and obey the law.

This simple illustration stands in place of that one Paul uses of one who is a slave, all of which serve to underline the principles between grace, obedience, and salvation. Recall that Paul’s faith stands in direct contrast to that of the typical Jewish mind that has clearly misinterpreted the purpose and principles of the Mosaic Law. Paul anticipates the Jewish response regarding his teachings on salvation by grace. “If we’re saved by grace, then I suppose I can go on sinning,” might by the typical rebuttal of the Jew to Paul’s doctrine. However, Paul would compare that to a drunk driver who is released from imprisonment into free society. He is not released so that he may continue to drive drunk, but so that he may enjoy once more the opportunity to drive apart from his drunken stupor! If he should submit himself once more to the stupidity of drunk driving, he will be punished again, and it will be worse than the first that was intended (See Heb. 10:29)! Living under grace means having the power to live once more apart from sin, not the power to live once more under sin. The law brings about wrath, but grace has freed us so that we can live once more (v.14).

How are you using your second chance?


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