January 12, 2017: Too Late to Please

Morning: Genesis 28-30; Romans 4:5-8; Evening: Psalm 10

We all seek to please. Mothers seek to please their children. Employees seek to please their employers. Students seek to please their teachers. Despite our many good intentions, there may be times when we inadvertently displease those whom we seek to please. A husband may unintentionally leave a pot of coffee sitting on the burner to his wife’s dismay. Then there may be other times when we hope to please someone, but we’ve failed to give attention to the matter and inquire how we might please. Consider a student who gives little attention to his teacher, and on the day of testing provides the answers but not in accordance with the instruction of his teacher. When the results are in and the test is graded, it will be too late to please his or her professor!

Every which way Esau turned, it always seemed too late for him. When he came to his father to receive the family blessing that would crown him head of household, it was too late for Esau. His brother Jacob had already taken it from him. At the start of Genesis 28, Jacob is sent away to receive a wife from among the daughters of his mother’s family. Isaac expressly made known his command against the daughters of Canaan, that wicked nation among whom they dwelt and who God would later punish. When Esau heard this news, it appears that Esau swiftly and immediately sought a wife among the daughters of Ishmael, Abraham’s son. While this may have pleased his father the Scripture says that the wife he took was “in addition to the wives he had.” In other words, Esau had apparently taken wives already among the daughters of Canaan. Once again, Esau was too late to please and had burdened his family with bad decisions.

While the message may seem discouraging to you at first, the hope is that you will not be too late to please the Lord. Paul said that he made it his aim to please God (2 Cor. 5:9). You can overcome lateness just like any other deadline by making it your aim to please. Ask before you act. Search the Scriptures before you take your first steps. Don’t be as Esau and discover later that your decision was not well pleasing to the Father.

Remember… Jesus pleased the Father in all things (John 8:29)


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