January 11, 2017: The Fate of the Nations

Morning: Psalm 9; Evening: Genesis 24-27; Romans 3:27-4:4

The nation who forgets God (v.17), hates the righteous (v.13), ignores the needs of the poor (v.18), shall “sink down” into the pit which they have made (v.15). They shall be “turned into hell,” i.e. to be taken to that place of death where God has cast the wicked forever (v.17). David’s divinely inspired Psalm is more than just a song, it is a prophetic utterance of certainty and truth that would be proven time and again soon after David’s reign. Four powerful nations would be brought to their knees after David’s reign. All of whom failed to honor and submit to the reign of the only true God, the God of Israel.

America seems to edge closer and closer with every generation to the same fate of those great powers that have gone on before. The most recent election has proven to be more godless than any other that has occurred in history with little to no mention of God in any of the major talking points of debate. Man has steadily crept forward to become the face of America, while God has gradually been pushed into the background, out of sight and out of mind. Christians should dispute Franklin Graham’s doctrinal views on salvation, but all should agree with him when he states that Christians, “are under constant, unrelenting assault for our beliefs and practices.” The irreverent of our nation twist separation of “church and state,” while ignoring the actual views of our forefathers. Puritans like Roger Williams, who later founded the colony of Rhode island, fought for separation on the grounds that the state would corrupt the church, not that the church would corrupt the state. It was in the mind of our forefathers that the church would save the state!

Walking with Jesus may sometimes feel like throwing a pebble in the ocean. But like the Psalmist he may boldly pray through Jesus for his nation, “Put them in fear, O LORD.” Let them know that they be but “men” (v.20). Yes, that they may learn that it is they who are like the pebble in the ocean, and recognize God as the one who masters the sea. America still has great potential. She still reigns as a light bearer to the world. Her fate is not yet sealed.

Pray for the nation today.


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